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My Why...


My name is Jennifer.I started using cutting guides years ago and never really brought this concept to life in the online world until about a year ago when I debuted them on my youtube channel.

This desire to use cutting guides came about 6 years ago when I would walk into my scrapbooking room and feel completely lost.I remember feeling overwhelmed and not knowing where to start.I would look at the massive supply of tools, paper, gadgets and other knick knacks and for some reason or another my creativity would just desert me.

It reached a point where I started selling my scrapbooking stuff and told myself that digital scrapbooking was the answer.I did this for about 6 years until i got that itch back to touch paper and feel texture again.

I knew coming back to this scrapbooking though, that I needed a place to start!I needed a system in place that would help me get my pages to the important part. The part where you journal, add finishing touches, add pictures. Where you really start to tell the story!


Your Why...


I am here to help you get to those important parts, where you can take something visually beautiful and efficient and put your story on it.

Thank-you so much for checking out this blog, and I hope to hear from you soon.

- Happy Scrappin'


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